Our Services

There are also numerous options and alternatives within each service that utilizes to customize our procedures based on Owners' preferences and priorities. Patriot's ability to manage all phases of the construction process provides immediate value and long-term satisfaction.

General Contracting

Patriot Government Services specializes in the General Contracting method of construction, which gives projects the ability for a quick start. Our experienced and reliable qualified subcontractors delivery projects on schedule and according to contracted cost.

Our philosophy for General Contracting is to proactively work with the experienced project team to identify issues before they occur in order to meet strict schedule and cost objectives.


The Design-Build approach is a comprehensive construction service system that brings the design and construction firms together in a focused relationship offering Owners a single source of responsibility. Design-Build, a long-time favorite delivery system in the industrial sector, has been successfully adapted to commercial projects in both the private and public industries. (Over 30 states have now implemented legislation allowing Design-Build as an acceptable alternative to competitive bidding.)

While it is especially well suited to schedule driven projects, Patriot’s experience with
Design-Build demonstrates how various modifications based on project characteristics and the Owner’s preferences create a vigorous performance profile that efficiently achieves all project objectives.

Construction Management

Patriot’s Construction Management process achieves project and Owner objectives through structured and consistent systems and procedures as applied by a Project Team especially selected for their relevant experience and capabilities.

Construction Management typically begins at the Pre-Construction stage, thus offering greater continuity throughout the Project Life Cycle. Construction Management combines industry expertise, owner advocacy, professionalism, and teamwork to ensure exceptional control over schedule, cost, scope, quality, and safety.

Owner's Representative

In addition to other project delivery systems, Patriot offers an array of Construction Consulting and Owner Representative Services within the Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland area. Utilizing any one of these disciplines will assist you achieving your project goals and allow you to make sound, cost effective business decisions for all of your construction projects.

Fair, impartial representation is the main focus of our Owner Representative Team. Our team members functions as Owner Representatives in all facets of the project. They concentrate their construction knowledge and expertise on helping you achieve your project goals on time and within your specified budget.

Throughout the process we remain sensitive to your needs, while helping build and maintain relationships with all organizations involved in the construction process. Below lists some of the services we provide through our Owner Representative Program, however, many of our clients request a plan designed exclusively for their current and future construction needs. We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions about our programs or you would like to schedule a consultation with our Owner Representatives.